App Review: Quiver

In education, we know that learning takes place on a deeper level when students create, share and explain. The use of technologies in the classroom has allowed for these fundamental learning processes to be personalised and developed on a much larger scale than what has previously been possible. Simply considering the ease and accessibility of digital sharing with email, device-to-device Airdrop and specific classroom-content sharing applications is enough to get anyone excited about the possibilities of using technology in the classroom. Ok, on the surface this may not excite everyone, however put this in the context of classroom collaborations where students can easily create, manipulate and consolidate project content to evidence learning and we start to get somewhere.

Sharing content however will be an area to look at in more depth in a separate entry, the App I want to draw your attention to here relates to the creating and explaining segment of learning.

If you are not familiar with the term Augmented Reality (AR) it basically refers to the process of capturing the view of a physical, real-world environment and using technology to expand upon it, this could be an object, person, subject, process etc. There are multiple applications available that use AR in various different ways to produce interesting results, however I am most impressed with Quiver.

Formally known as ColAR Mix, Quiver allows you to print out the pre-designed colouring pages and get busy with some crayons and colouring pencils. Once you have completed your masterpiece (staying in the lines as much as possible) simply launch the App and hit play, point the camera at your page and watch the 2d characters come to life in 3D. This really is as exciting as it sounds, the predetermined actions and movements of the characters are smooth and stable, allowing you to move around the page and discover the different elements of your drawing. This app is perfect for increasing engagement and could be used with great effect to add an additional element to a learners story telling skills.

An Example for ColAR MixSome of the content is seasonal, such as New Year fire works and halloween pumpkins however a couple of the pages could have a place in the classroom, such as art and design, english and science.

Overall a great Free application, its very user friendly and combines both the use of technology and traditional elements to produce fun and interesting results!

Review Summary: A simple to use app, great for story telling.

Lesson idea: Could be used to create an AR wall of work. Children can visit the wall with their iPad to see the wall “come to life”.

Cost: Free

Level: EYFS, KS1, KS2, SEN

Main curriculum areas: Literacy

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