iPad Animations to Demonstrate Learning

Using Stop-Motion animation in the classroom is a great tool for increasing engagement and motivation for learning; students become more involved with the subject and content of the lesson due to the interactive nature of creating iPad animations. A solid understanding of the subject will determine the success of the animation which forces students to fully engage with learning the content before diving into the world of play-dough, lego and elaborate scenes creation with felt-tips, cardboard and flip chart paper.

screen568x568There are a few iOS apps that we can use for creating stop-motion animations, and one that we regularly use in our training sessions/student workshops is iMotion HD. This is one of the best free applications you can use in the classroom as it is extremely user/teacher friendly, the interface is simple and the features are more than adequate. The exporting capabilities of iMotion HD are simple yet perfect for sharing learners work with the group or using the movie created as part of a larger project. As the app allows us to export the completed animation to the camera roll as a movie, we now have a range of possibilities for taking the movie and building on the content using additional applications.

You may want to consider a process or subject area that could be explained and evidenced through animations. Let’s use global warming as an example as this works very effectively across a range of topics and Key Stages. The lesson could begin with students performing independent research investigating the process of global warming. Once the learners have undertaken their research and collected facts they could now work as a group to discuss how this may be displayed as an animation. While the application will provide an exciting way to demonstrate their understanding, key skills are importantly being developed leading up to the activity and are embedded throughout such as working collaboratively, building communication skills and developing creative thinking. Now the fun can start, learners can use various different materials, props and objects to show how they understand the process of global warming and predict how it will effect the world they live in.

Stop-Motion animations are a fun and engaging way for learners to become more involved with their learning and provides an additional method for evidencing learning; promoting inclusion and differentiation. For a free app this really is brilliant, very easy to use and will leave students excited about learning more; a must have.

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