The most asked questions about the iPad band at Bett 2016

David Kirtlan’s iPad Band at Bett Show again proved to be the highlight for many of the 40 thousand visitors to the conference and exhibition.

We’ve had lots of questions about the #ipadband, so we’ve put together the answers to some of the most frequently asked ones here. Enjoy!


What was the age range of the kids involved in the iPad band at Bett?

The iPad band at Bett was comprised of two schools, one primary, one secondary. The age range of the children was 9yrs -15yrs.


Are they all musicians?

No. The iPad band at Bett was made up of musicians and non-musicians. A few have experience in playing in an iPad band with David, but for most this was the first time they had taken part in an #iPadband.


The point of an iPad band is to give non-musicians the opportunity to take part in a performance. Whereas traditionally non-musicians would be given a triangle, and told to hit it on every fourth beat, the iPad band enables them to actually play key parts as part the performance. This develops transferable skills such as listening, collaboration, leadership. self management etc. The iPad band allows non-musicians to access the benefits of music education; and along the way inspires non-musicians to learn to play an instrument.


How long have they been rehearsing?

David had been rehearsing with the children during the last two months leading up to the Bett Show. The children worked extremely hard, and the schools involved have been tremendously supportive of David and the iPad band, allowing the children to take part in rehearsals and performances.


What app do you use for the iPad band?

Garageband. That’s it. There’s no wizardry or a combination of complicated apps, everything you hear is done through Garageband, whether played as instruments or used as an amp.


How long has David Kirtlan been creating iPad Bands?

As well as being one of the UKs top education consultants in digital learning, David Kirtlan is also the creator of the iPad band concept. When the iPad was introduced to the world, David saw its potential in enabling non-musicians to play a key part in performances alongside their musician peers. And so since 2010, David has created iPad bands in schools throughout the UK and beyond, bringing them into the consciousness of music teachers worldwide.


Does David Kirtlan create iPad bands with all schools and abilities?

Yes. David has created iPad bands with primary, secondary, FE and HE. He has also worked with SEN schools to create engaging music projects including iPad bands.

 If you have any questions about the #ipadband just drop us a line, and we’ll happily answer it for you!
 To find out more about the iPad band programme for schools click here


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