Our Favourite Recommended Apps

We are often asked to recommend apps. It’s easy to get bogged down with so many recommended apps; so instead we give a list to schools of a core set of apps to download on all iPads, which teachers and learners will return to time and time again for different curriculum areas, and different projects. We’ve listed some of the main core apps here. Enjoy!


Book Creator


This is a great app for evidencing the learning journey. Students are able to create high quality interactive ebooks easily. They can use it as a portfolio to build projects comprising of videos, animations, audio and green screen scenes they’ve created.



DoInk Green ScreenUnknown-1

This is our favourite green screen app, as it is simple to use, and produces high quality videos. Quite simply, it does everything we want a green screen app to do.


Explain Everything

Unknown-2This app works similarly to an interactive whiteboard. It lets you create animations, videos and projects. It’s simple to use, and produces some good results.




This app is a presentation tool that can push out questions to individual student iPads during the  presentation, making them far more interactive and engaging. It can be used to collect and collate information, quickly and simply, so you can evaluate the student answers quickly. We like its easy to use features.



Unknown-3This app is great for formative feedback. It is also great for annotating images enabling students to demonstrate their understanding by labelling images. We like the simple usability and the look of the app too.





The app is the glue for holding all of the other apps in a classroom together, as all of the work produced can be sent easily for feedback and assessment. This our favourite app for collecting and sharing work, and giving audio feedback. The app is simple to use, and always makes our recommended list.


All of these apps work well together, and are useful and practical in the classroom.

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