Roald Dahl… An Introduction

Roald Dahl day is 13th September, and gives a fantastic opportunity to bring the marvellous world of Roald Dahl into your classroom.

A great way to introduce Dahl to your students would be to download the free party pack for your class. Simply head over to the official website to get your pack:

Alongside the party pack, why not hold a creative writing session. Set the task of writing a creative sort story in the style of Roald Dahl with illustrations to help carry the story. You’ll find some words of wisdom on writing from the man himself here:

Another great creative way to bring to the books to life is to create some stop motion animations based on the stories. You could create characters with modelling clay, or even LEGO, and using the imotion app, bring them to life! You can find details on the app here:

We hope you’ve found our blog tips useful.

Don’t forget to check out our Roald Dahl at 100 Lesson Ideas resource: 

Check back next week for more simple and fun Roald Dahl themed classroom activities!

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