“Moving Fish” – Lesson idea

The Korkotak website gives a great step by step guide on making moving fish. We particularly like this idea for younger students.

Although, we would recommend changing the colour of the paper to represent mammals rather than fish for example grey for dolphins or whales. This is because fish movement when swimming is side to side; and mammal movement is up and down, which is how when completed, the finished articles would naturally move. You would also need to change the style of the tails and fins etc. to make them more mammal-like. This would make an interesting activity when explaining and demonstrating the differences between fish and mammals.

You can find the website here: The Korkotak website 

The finished masterpieces could be then attached to ordinary garden canes, to create a puppet theatre piece using Do Ink Green Screen.

Lesson idea: 

Have children script their own story – (perhaps taking inspiration from Finding Nemo or Shark Tale) or for example their orca could be experiencing his first day at school, where he meets dolphins and whales.

Create the characters for their stories, based on the video link above.

Using their own backdrops and  Do Ink Green Screen have the children develop their descriptive and creative language by creating the puppet theatre piece, creating the backdrops, narrating the story, and acting the character parts.

Hope you found this blog useful. Check out our resources page and remember to keep checking back for more classroom ideas and activities!

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