Remember Remember the 5th of November

The 5th November marks Guy Fawkes Night, so why not get ahead with planning a fun, interactive classroom activity.

Have some fun & set your class the task of creating their own animations. Do Ink is a fantastic app available in the app store that is very user friendly & specifically made for beginners. Using animation have your learners re-tell the story of the Gunpowder Plot. Why not have them think about telling the story from different perspectives; an onlooker, or a servant, or the King perhaps? Maybe from one of the plotters point of view? The story could be told from within a police interview room as he was being questioned? Having your learners write basic script will demonstrate their history knowledge & will also tie in with literacy.
Using the app – Book Creator, create your very own comic book. This is another creative way in which your learners could re-tell the Gunpowder plot. Or perhaps write a journal as one of the plotters on the run up to 5th November?
Finish off by holding your own super safe indoor fireworks event. You can download a free app via the app store: Fireworks Arcade App
We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post & that we’ve given you some creative ideas for the classroom. If you found this post useful; don’t forget to follow our blog & share :)

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