The Festival of Light

This year the festival of light (Diwali) falls on Sunday 30th October.

We love using animation as a fun creative learning activity here at Elsium. Have your learners split into groups to re-tell the story of Rama & Sita. Along with writing a script, have them draw the characters for the animation. Do Ink is one of our favourite apps for iPad to do this. If your groups are feeling particularly theatrical, they could act out the script themselves. Again, using Do Ink they could create scenery via the app. They could be transported to anywhere in the world. How exciting!
Create your own animated Diya lamps & have a huge lantern display in tribute to the Goddess, Lakshmi. Again, these could be created with the apps above.

As one big group – compile a list of all the religious festivals you can think of. Add them to your iPad calendar, that way, you won’t miss any festivals to discuss & celebrate in class.
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Have a great weekend!

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