The Award Goes To… Welcome to the WW1 Film Project Awards List

Welcome to the WW1 Film Project Awards List

The project has involved children from five schools in the Wakefield district, creating films and learning about local soldiers and the roles they played in WW1. The project, funded by Heritage Lottery, has enabled the children to research, investigate and discover their local WW1 heritage, through the eyes of local soldiers.

The project has been a great success, and the awards event was a celebration of the work and dedication the children and schools had given to the project.

And the award goes to…

Best Use of Technology 


Ackworth Mill Dam Infant and Junior School

Best Script


Ash Grove Junior and Infant School

Best Understanding of Heritage


St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School

Best Research


Castleford Academy

Elsium Education Learning Award


Pinders Primary School

Best School Implementation


Ash Grove Junior and Infant School

Best Overall Film


St John The Baptist Catholic Primary School



To find out more about the project, and how your school can participate click here or drop us a line at

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