Magical Lantern Inspiration

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a magical lesson, why not visit the Magic Lantern Festival at various venues across the UK.

The Magical Lantern Festival is a spectacular fusion of art, heritage and culture. A stunning outdoor Christmas themed event, a festival of light and illumination. Visitors will follow a trail around Roundhay Park and explore amazing giant lanterns, which represent Christmas, traditional Chinese culture and the amazing 2000-year heritage of Lantern Festivals. The festival runs from 27th November to 2nd January.

This would be a great event for you to visit to gather photos and films, which your class could then make into eBooks using BookCreator using descriptive writing, or create stories based on the lanterns.

Or why not have your class have a go at making lanterns and creating their own festival? We quite like the kidspot video for simple lantern making: Click here

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