Spooktacular Halloween Lesson Ideas and Activities


We put together some great ideas for Halloween, to give your classroom those added chills and thrills!

Augmented Reality

Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate those misunderstood villains, so why not have your class discuss their favourite villains, and make wanted posters for them? They could even create their own villains. These can then be brought to life with Aurasma  Think Harry Potter wanted posters….


A monster mash is another great activity. Have the class design monsters; and then script a story about their monster considering what abilities it might have. Using Puppet Pals Director’s Pass  they could then bring these monsters to life, animating their story.

News Reporting 

Have your class choose a topic, for example “My Neighbour Is A Vampire”, “Grandma’s Top Ten Spells”  or “A Werewolf Ate My Homework” and then script a news story. The children can then dress up as the main characters including the reporter, and the story can be “reported” using green screen – a great app for this is DoInk

Spooky Soundtrack

Have the children script a spooky story about a haunted house. Using the sampler in Garageband they can then create a spooky soundscape. For example: “creaking doors”, by recording classroom doors and lowering the pitch, “ghostly sounds” by using the synthesiser, and “beating hearts” using the bass. Have the children read out their stories, adding their sound effects as the story unfolds.

We hope we’ve given you some chilling ideas for you Halloween classroom!

Thanks for reading and keep posted for more classroom ideas!




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