What is the Strike A Chord: iPad Band Programme?

An iPad Band is a great way of engaging all learners with music. Using the technology effectively, non-musicians are able to join their musician peers as a key part of a performance, promoting inclusion and wider participation; and inspiring children of all backgrounds to engage with music.

Instead of being given a simple percussion instrument such as a triangle, to attempt to hit on every fourth beat, being part of an iPad band means that non-musicians can experience playing live music for an audience, as a key part of the performance, playing the bass guitar part, or the keyboard for example. They can take part in a performance, without needing to be able to have the correct finger positioning on a guitar. They can learn the wider skills that music offers, without having to focus on a particular instrument. Furthermore, it means that where learners were previously not engaged with music, being a part of an iPad band can inspire them to take up a musical instrument or work towards qualifications in music technology.

As the original creators of the #ipadband concept, we are the experts in creating iPad bands with learners of all ages and abilities.

Who can take part? 

Schools; Music Hubs; RTCs; Community Groups

What are the outcomes?

The project aims are to:

engage all learners with music;

encourage non-musicians to take part in performances;

wider participation and understanding of music education.

What are the wider benefits for schools?

The wider benefits of the project for schools are to:

enable schools to utilise the technology in their school in a meaningful way;

enable hands-on teacher CPD where needed to develop skills in digital learning approaches through classroom modelling;

raise the profile of the school in the local community.

What does it cost?

The iPad Band Programme is available as a package from one day to twenty days, dependant on your aims for your iPad band. Please use the “Register Interest” link opposite to contact us, and we will send you an outline of the project and a costing table.

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Level: The iPad Band Programme is a project for KS2,KS3, KS4 and older learners.

Date Available: Now

Areas: All

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