As Elsium is made up of teachers, we can deliver workshops directly with students, and really impact on the teaching and learning in your school.

By delivering workshops directly in class, we can not only support your students, but give your staff the opportunity to see the impact of digital learning first hand.

Our student workshops are designed to engage and inspire.

Below are student workshops available as a stand alone workshop, or as part of a Partnership Plan


See an iPad band in action

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As the #ipadband experts, we have been creating iPad bands with schools across the UK ever since the iPad was first introduced to the world.

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iPad Bands


Let all of your students really engage with a performance, with an Elsium #iPadband

An iPad band is a great way of engaging all learners with music. Using the technology effectively, non-musicians are able to join their musician peers as part of a performance. Enabling them to develop wider skills such as listening skills; collaboration skills; communication skills and more.

As the #iPadband experts we can work with your students to really create something special.

Many of our iPad Bands have performed at large scale arenas such as BETT, the Apple Leadership summit and more.

Not only is an iPad band a great experience for the students, it also give the school something to be really proud of.

iPad bands can also be great collaboration projects between schools.

The iPad band  option is available as part of a Partnership Plan and as a stand alone workshop.

Animation Workshops

Create exciting and engaging projects that create motivation for learning in a highly inclusive way.

By creating animations, students are able to demonstrate their learning in a whole new way. Working in groups, wider skills are developed such as planning, scripting, collaboration, communication and a range of creativity skills.

The workshop combines traditional learning methods with the new learning approaches, using a range of tools.

As confidence grows, the animations can become more intricate. The animations can be used to display knowledge, or to aid story telling and literacy.

The animation option is available as part of a Partnership Plan and as a stand alone workshop.



As experts in iPad animation workshops, we have enable students to create animations in a variety of curriculum areas and challenge based learning.

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Film Making and Green Screen

Learn more about creating films with iPad

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Give your students an opportunity to demonstrate their learning and knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

The film making and green screen workshop allows your students to collaboratively work as script writers, directors, set designers, camera crew, actors and editors.

The video on the next page really demonstrates just what can be achieved though film making.