My Town Project

What is the project?

This project connects, engages and empowers learners with the past, present and future of the town in which they live; promoting entrepreneurial skills and opportunities.

Using iPads effectively, learners will develop knowledge about their town in an engaging way; discover and research current opportunities; and create and develop an entrepreneurial project including creating promotional videos.

The project will enable learners to develop a wide range of transferable skills: research, educational, technical and social such as:

  • independent research;
  • collating and evaluating evidence; video creation;
  • sound recording and editing;
  • collaboration;
  • leadership;
  • self-management;
  • presentation;
  • organisation and many more.

Who can take part? 


What are the outcomes?

The project aims are to:

engage leaners with the past, present and future of their town;

understanding career and educational options;

developing entrepreneurial skills;

to promote community cohesion and social wellbeing.

What are the wider benefits for schools?

The wider benefits of the project for schools are to:

enable schools to utilise the technology in their school in a meaningful way;

enable hands-on teacher CPD where needed to develop skills in digital learning approaches through classroom modelling;

raise the profile of the school in the local community.

What does it cost?

The My Town project is available as a package from one day to twenty days, dependant on your aims for your project. Please use the “Register Interest” link opposite to contact us, and we will send you an outline of the project and a costing table.

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Level: The My Town Project is a project for KS3

Date Available: Spring 2016

Areas: All

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