Community & Wellbeing

Below are just some of the workshops and projects we offer. We design, create and deliver workshops to meet with the requirements of organisations and groups in a range of areas and topics.

Animation Film Project

Film Making 3

Our animation project enables participants to be directors, script writers, animators, camera crew and editors all in one.

Sensory Treasure Hunt

creative workshop 2.1.2

Our sensory treasure hunt project engages participants of all abilities to use and develop skills in problem solving, teamwork and communication.


Film Making

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Our film making project enables participants to develop new skills in media production, as well as developing confidence both behind and in front of the camera.


Creative Dance

Our creative dance project enables participants to express themselves through dance. The project develops dancing skills, regardless of ability.

Get Digital

Our Get Digital project encourages a peer mentoring collaboration between young and older members of the community. The project is designed to build communication and collaboration skills in younger members, whilst providing confidence and digital capability skills with older members. The sharing of knowledge between the participants enables clear community cohesion.

Music Making

Our music making workshop allows participants to develop new skills, whilst learning more about the technical side of music making. With sound-scaping and recording activities, the workshops allow creativity to flow.

Arts & Crafts

Using a range of arts and crafts materials and project ideas, our sessions will give participants a relaxing and tranquil environment in which to create something they can take home and be proud of.