BETT Show #iPadband

The days are ticking down to the BETT Show 2016, and David Kirtlan’s #iPadband is getting ready to rock the thousands of attendees at this years show.

This year’s band is comprised of two schools, one primary, one secondary; and is made up of musicians and non-musicians. The age range of the children is 9yrs -15yrs.

A few of the children have experience in playing in an iPad band with David, but for most this the first time they have taken part in an iPad band.

David has been rehearsing with the children during the last two months and the BETT ipadband copychildren have worked extremely hard. The schools involved have been tremendously supportive of David and the iPad band.

An iPad Band is a great way of engaging all learners with music. Using the technology effectively, non-musicians are able to join their musician peers as a key part of a performance, promoting inclusion and wider participation; and inspiring children of all backgrounds to engage with music.

To find out more about iPad bands, click here

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