WW1 Film Project Funding Approved

We are pleased to announce that we have received confirmation that our WW1 film project has been successful!

What is the project?

This project utilises mobile learning technology to research, capture and showcase stories to engage learners with the heritage of WW1 in their area. The project will be delivered in individual schools, and will culminate in a collaborative showcase and awards event.

By discovering what impact WW1 had on life for children in the area, and the long term impact it had on the area as a whole, children will have a better understanding of the importance of the First World War heritage across the community.

Families of the children, and members of the community will be encouraged to come forward with stories, photographs and any other memorabilia such as medals, for the children to investigate and research.

Working with local heritage organisations and groups, museums and libraries, the children will be able to discover a rich heritage and understand the impact of WW1.

Using iPads effectively, children will conduct interviews; gather and collate research; and produce high quality films showcasing their knowledge.

These films will be showcased at a locally significant site, not only to celebrate the achievements of the children involved, but to also engage a wider audience with the heritage of the First World War in the area.

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