Stamps Fill the Gaps in Ancient Britain!

Royal Mail has published a great new stamp collection (see here) which feature iconic sites such as Skara Brae and Avebury and exceptional artefacts including the Battersea shield and the Star Carr headdress. The stamps are all enhanced with illustrations that reveal how our ancient forebears lived and worked. This is a great idea to use in your classroom!

Lesson ideas:

Descriptive writing:

Using maps have the children research iconic sites to use as backdrops. In iOS10 you can annotate these in the photo app using the mark up feature (press edit, then press the circle with the three dots).

The children can annotate the backgrounds, describing each part of the site, who would have used it, and what it was used for.

Using Showbie  you can then share these with the rest of the class, for collaborative research, to inform the script for the animations.


Using maps have the children find the correct iconic sites to use as backdrops. Have the children research and draw characters from the time periods.

Using Puppet Pals Director’s Pass cut out the characters, and use the iconic site backdrops to create a scene of daily life from that period.


Have the children research pictures of artefacts and then create pictures of the artefacts being used as in the Royal Mail stamp collection.


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